Design – Build – Challenge

We engineer a team and a solar vehicle, matching the gruelling challenge of crossing our great continent by the power of the sun.

To support our team of engineering students in the design and construction of a world class solar vehicle, capable of crossing our continent, powered only by the energy of the sun.


Project Planning

To use ‘state of the art’ tools and technology to design a fast, yet energy efficient solar powered vehicle.


Vehicle Construction

To construct a compliant, lightweight and aerodynamic vehicle with a focus on safety as well as performance.



To successfully compete in Australia’s Internationally renowned Bridgestone World Solar Challenge event from Darwin to Adelaide through the gruelling Aussie outback.

Inspiring youth and community

Our team for the project will be drawn from tertiary students and High School students with an emphasis on the development of the necessary skills to design and build a new, lightweight, aerodynamic and energy efficient solar powered vehicle.

Students will also be assisted in the development of strategies and teamwork, as well as to prepare for the daunting task of driving the solar vehicle from Darwin to Adelaide, an adventure of 3000 kilometres of remote outback roads, in the required time frame.

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